FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 01:43:29
Nothing just feeling Little dark inside 🙂
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jacyboy2023-09-20 03:00:31
@FathemaNilouferdo you need help
Hanako_792023-05-11 21:17:09
Chesca2023-03-18 16:36:12
@FathemaNilouferO-okay °~°
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 13:35:28
Chesca2023-03-18 02:38:17
@FathemaNilouferUh... Gunny? You okay?
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 02:11:27
.TheFloxGirl.2023-03-18 02:10:41
@FathemaNilouferYou are welcome
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 02:09:53
@.TheFloxGirl.Yea maybe i should try yea i asked😅 btw Thank you for your opinion
.TheFloxGirl.2023-03-18 02:08:37
@FathemaNilouferas your mind i would say.... yes, try asking her (i think you asked her this before like 2,3 years ago)
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 02:07:17
@.TheFloxGirl.do i really tell her?
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 02:07:01
@.TheFloxGirl.yeah ig i think i might cry infront of her like a baby 😅
.TheFloxGirl.2023-03-18 02:05:37
@FathemaNilouferlet me guess \"you have your sister and you have to study don\'t waste your time on this friends things eh I\'m sure you\'re gonna get tires in your eyes 🙁
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-18 02:03:27
@.TheFloxGirl.yeah i was, i was thinking of asking my mom about this ( i wonder what she\'s gonna say)
.TheFloxGirl.2023-03-18 01:58:54
@FathemaNilouferYo hey there I\'ve heard that you need to make some friends?