Daichi1232023-06-17 02:29:37
Itachi for Charlotte's request
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Wilson Bastos2024-02-04 20:23:47
@Daichi123você é o Itachi?
Chesca2023-09-21 09:33:50
Daichi1232023-09-21 07:14:57
Daichi1232023-09-14 04:49:51
@layt ben yousefoh good for you.... who the hell asked..
Daichi1232023-09-14 04:49:12
@ChescaI\'m aliive
Chesca2023-09-02 05:38:15
Daichi1232023-09-02 04:04:11
layt ben yousef2023-09-02 01:08:19
@Daichi123my Itachi is best
Chesca2023-08-30 14:25:45
@Daichi123Stoppppp 💀 You\'re like super human if you can do all that
Daichi1232023-08-30 09:55:40
@Chescanow on top of all that.... Schoooooooollll... fuuuuuuuucc\'ccckkkkk
Chesca2023-08-30 03:35:24
guest7067224592023-08-22 21:23:39
guest7067224592023-08-22 21:23:12
Daichi1232023-08-16 03:23:44
@ChescaI dnt even know myself
Chesca2023-08-12 02:18:59
@Daichi123Bloody hell- How?! that seems like too much stuff 💀