YashiroNene<332023-06-28 19:48:31
Yor forger! what character should i make? im Running out of ideas:,)
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Dine Paraiso2023-07-25 20:07:32
@YashiroNene<33wow really cool could you do light yagami from death note?
i._micho2023-07-22 21:30:40
@YashiroNene<33can uh please make shizuka from doreomon?
guest6064427512023-07-08 16:13:17
@Mikasa akramanuouoy
Mikasa akraman2023-07-05 04:06:53
@YashiroNene<33Make anya 💕💕💕
youngdagger2023-07-02 15:37:23
@YashiroNene<33make the rizzuke himdoriya
Alisso souza2023-06-28 21:53:13
@TravelMasteraticThats ok😅
TravelMasteratic2023-06-28 21:28:14
@YashiroNene<33MLBB = Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
TravelMasteratic2023-06-28 21:27:37
@Alisso souzaWrong Send, Sorry-
TravelMasteratic2023-06-28 21:27:16
@Alisso souzaMLBB = Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
TravelMasteratic2023-06-28 21:26:50
@YashiroNene<33Try to make Miya ( MLBB ) or Lesley ( MLBB )
Alisso souza2023-06-28 20:13:22
@YashiroNene<33And then, make Anya Forger!
YashiroNene<332023-06-28 19:57:55
@Alisso souza:00 yes! i love nezuko!!
Alisso souza2023-06-28 19:57:04
@YashiroNene<33And after, make Nezuko Kamado!
Alisso souza2023-06-28 19:55:19
@YashiroNene<33Youre allow to request me too
YashiroNene<332023-06-28 19:55:15
@Alisso souzagood idea! <3 ill do that!