TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 16:58:30
( Chiesuka, Are you Happy when I make Kuru and Mahou with Using My Style? )
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ygxt b.2023-08-07 23:02:48
ace1234567892023-07-22 07:02:28
@TravelMasteraticgood bye everyone
Chesca2023-07-11 01:27:28
@TravelMasteraticSure... random post
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 23:19:11
@ChescaNo? I just send an Random Post for you-
Chesca2023-07-10 19:52:31
@TravelMasteraticDo you want to talk about it?
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 19:06:27
@ChescaMacam tak betul budak nih--
Chesca2023-07-10 17:40:30
@TravelMasteraticI wonder why... also bye
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:16:44
@ChescaCya, Chesini-
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:16:21
@ChescaUhhh... Nevermind, I\'ll have to go and Have Fun on your Morning Day!
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:13:52
@ChescaWhy you Commenting so slow?
Chesca2023-07-10 17:11:28
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:08:55
@ChescaOkayy, I loved your OC\'s Aswell
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:07:00
@ChescaSorry, My Mobile Data sucks as hell-
Chesca2023-07-10 17:06:30
@TravelMasteraticIt\'s up to you ^^ If you want to do that, you can but equally if you don\'t want to you don\'t have to
TravelMasteratic2023-07-10 17:04:50
@ChescaAlso, Do you want Your OC\'s to be created with My Style More?