Chesca2023-07-11 05:40:44
The Junsei family from the old comic I did. • Misty Junsei (Main character) • "The Princess" has no name (Ghost of the patriarch of the family) • Crystal Junsei(Misty's Grandma in disguise)
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@misty kinda..
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@ChescaYou\'re Perfect Ches go go go!
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@TheArtGeekthank tHAnKYoUuUu :D
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@ChescabEaUtIfUl aS aLwAyS- 🙃
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@Chescabeautiful queen ✨SLAY GURL✨
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@AyeshahereWelcome! Nice to meet you ^_^
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@ChescaWhy you Sad?
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@TravelMasteratic:( ...