Chesca2023-07-15 17:08:06
Running on zero sleep is not fun :)
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dakshucc2023-11-23 18:52:02
@Chescahi guys I am chesae friend dakshucc
Son Goku Guff2023-11-04 13:58:46
@ace123456789EXCUSE ME ARE YOU GOKU???!!!??
Score 1882023-07-23 01:06:47
@ace123456789my guy it\'s chesca
ace1234567892023-07-22 07:01:44
@Chescabye art geek
ace1234567892023-07-22 07:01:05
@Chescagood bye Cesa
Chesca2023-07-15 23:57:59
@TheArtGeekMeh, hopefully I\'ll sleep better tonight
TheArtGeek2023-07-15 23:36:43
@Chescaaw man, that is no fun, I\'m sorry D=
Chesca2023-07-15 19:06:24
@TravelMasteraticSorry, my Internet went off, there\'s a massive storm rn 😬 Enjoy your vacation
TravelMasteratic2023-07-15 19:02:15
@ChescaBTW, I will Continue My Vacation, I\'ll be right back, Cya-
TravelMasteratic2023-07-15 19:00:00
@ChescaThanks lol, Im still on Grand Mecure Hotel, It located on Solo, Indonesia
Chesca2023-07-15 18:59:17
@TravelMasteraticOh cool, enjoy ^_^
TravelMasteratic2023-07-15 18:58:48
@ChescaYep, I\'ll go to Semarang, Indonesia Tomorrow lol-
Chesca2023-07-15 18:58:10
@TravelMasteraticOh nice! It\'s great that you got a vacation ^_^
TravelMasteratic2023-07-15 18:57:26
@ChescaIm on Vacation Today! I was on Solo, Indonesia rn
Chesca2023-07-15 18:56:53