gorillaz_music2023-07-25 01:11:18
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Alessdro2023-12-06 13:51:05
guest9023589782023-11-01 01:59:53
@NZBoyGOAT1423in je j’ai
NZBoyGOAT14232023-09-10 05:06:41
NZBoyGOAT14232023-09-10 05:06:24
@gorillaz_musicbro had to say fuck you
Alejo77718092023-08-02 02:39:50
@gorillaz_musicfuck you
Score 1882023-07-27 02:19:38
@gorillaz_musichoho yes
gorillaz_music2023-07-27 02:01:04
@Score 188ere ya sure man
Score 1882023-07-26 21:09:08
@gorillaz_musicsure she saw my text saying I love you
gorillaz_music2023-07-26 10:35:00
@gorillaz_musicbut ya also got a crush on shesca man
gorillaz_music2023-07-26 10:33:40
@gorillaz_musicnah, I ain\'t good man
Score 1882023-07-26 10:17:45
@gorillaz_musicI have a crush on chesca
Score 1882023-07-26 10:13:39
@gorillaz_musicare you OK my guy
gorillaz_music2023-07-26 09:58:58
@Score 188that\'s how I end up In hospital
gorillaz_music2023-07-26 09:58:38
@Score 188btw I played basket some days ago or maybe it was just a week ago I broked my leg and cracked my head :/
gorillaz_music2023-07-26 09:57:52
@Score 188it was a long time ago man, I missed ya nigga welcome back