Chesca2023-08-05 16:33:03
Salut! Ca va? Ciao! Come va? uhh Hallo! Wie gehts? Hola! Come stas? (Sorry if I spelt it wrong, I don't know any Spanish really ^^; )
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Zach-79352023-11-16 11:27:54
Miss~ATKK2023-10-24 10:35:34
@ChescaHolla como es stas, me jamo aaliyah/reall name
NefiaTeïpeï2023-10-08 15:30:45
@Chescai\'m proud that yk french cuz my nationality is french!
JullienCarl2023-08-13 15:29:56
@Chescayou so many fans hmm... I follow you right now
Chesca2023-08-09 01:53:16
JustyMusty22023-08-09 01:13:40
Chesca2023-08-08 01:22:00
@JustyMusty2Goooood ^_^
JustyMusty22023-08-07 19:46:17
@ChescaThats nice, anddd I’m okay.
Chesca2023-08-07 15:00:38
@JustyMusty2I\'ve been good ^.^ How about you?
JustyMusty22023-08-07 07:17:21
@Chescapretty much, anywhoss howyabeen’?
Chesca2023-08-06 15:55:36
@TravelMasteratic°_° Sini...
TravelMasteratic2023-08-06 10:30:35
@ChescaMeh, Im just kidding, Ches sayed Yamete Kudasai--
Chesca2023-08-06 10:03:42
TravelMasteratic2023-08-06 09:42:09
@ChescaMeh, I give up already from Speaking French--
Chesca2023-08-06 09:36:19
@JustyMusty2I mean that\'s fair ^^ I\'m pretty silly to be honest 🥴🥴