Chesca2023-08-09 07:01:44
... ... ... ... ... ... IfeelC00tUwU-
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Damon.Z2023-12-05 05:40:00
@ChescaI love ur posting keep it up
Damon.Z2023-12-05 05:38:13
@Chescac,mon u wanna slap her don\'t its actually illegal to slap a girl and don\'t call girls that
Chesca2023-11-20 16:17:09
@a9964f210fOhhhhhhh- okay 🥲
Chesca2023-11-20 16:16:36
@ninicornOh hi:D How have you been? ^^
a9964f210f2023-11-20 06:25:46
@ninicornPo is a way to respect elder ppl! Its a filipino word:D
ninicorn2023-11-20 06:17:04
@Chescahi chesca i dont know if you remember me from last year but we were frends on this app i was uninicorn
Kiara Jimena2023-10-20 12:17:39
Dragosaur2023-09-17 22:32:18
Dragosaur2023-09-17 22:28:23
@Chescabro u swear u ant no wirdo
guest8056445912023-09-15 16:46:43
Chesca2023-09-12 03:54:56
Zedric162023-09-11 21:13:28
@Chescahi po
Chesca2023-08-11 14:55:04
@TravelMasteraticBut calling someone a pig is basically saying that they\'re fat, right? Not stupid
TravelMasteratic2023-08-11 14:53:48
@ChescaDuh, You know that, Im also Stupid and Idiot, I never being an Smart--
Chesca2023-08-11 06:25:16
@TravelMasteraticYou also called me a pig on my other post ^_^