linkveve2023-09-29 05:30:28
One Piece -Buggy the Clown *This is a made up version, itˋs not canon*
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SupermanLawack2023-11-27 07:59:08
@linkvevefollow me if you follow me, I will follow you
linkveve2023-10-11 10:46:30
@Demon KidsAlso, Hi!! I remember you!
linkveve2023-10-11 10:46:03
@Demon Kidsmmmm thats a good idea. let me see what I can do
Demon Kids2023-10-06 05:50:40
@linkveveveeeeve, which is ur favourite pokemon, and make ur fav in a humanoid version, with gender variants if u want
linkveve2023-10-03 11:26:38
@TravelMasteraticGood to hear, I also missed you bro
TravelMasteratic2023-10-01 23:21:11
@linkveveI was Offline for an Hours, Sorry... But I\'m doing Really Good Aswell, Anywho... I Missed You Lol-
linkveve2023-10-01 21:02:32
@TravelMasteraticHey, good to see you again. Im doing really good and you?
TravelMasteratic2023-09-29 22:55:35
@linkveve* Tut, Tut Tut- 7... 1... * BTW, How was your Day lol?
Chesca2023-09-29 20:03:23
@linkveveOooops ^֊^;;
linkveve2023-09-29 19:25:19
@ChescaI could say the same thing. But we both here hahahah
Chesca2023-09-29 14:22:19
@linkveve^_^; Good to see you too bud Honestly, I\'m shocked I\'m still here too. Gotta say I\'m not as active these days though
linkveve2023-09-29 12:01:31
@ChescaHey Chesca, good to see you. I cant believe you still here after all this time (⌒▽⌒)
Chesca2023-09-29 06:46:54
@linkveveOMG IT\'S VEVE- Hi 👋