5ee934100e2024-01-08 16:29:50
stalked some posts in the hot page nd heres what i find cool @OmoriLee @FelixAintHere @Demon Kids aaand @JustyMusty2
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Alan Hernandez-47872024-02-09 14:20:06
Benben Skirt2024-02-03 11:29:20
@Demon Kidswow
Tülin Arslanhan2024-02-01 05:50:30
@5ee934100eharry potter olmuş
Demon Kids2024-01-11 13:42:02
@5ee934100ei really rushed that design since i totally forgot bout her so its the one i most dislike from all of them
5ee934100e2024-01-11 13:37:33
@Demon Kidsi also like azuki
Demon Kids2024-01-11 13:36:16
@5ee934100ekinda basic, i really liked how i designed espresso
5ee934100e2024-01-11 13:26:58
@Demon Kidscinamoroll nd milk :P
Demon Kids2024-01-11 12:23:15
@5ee934100eyahh, the cinna franchise, whats ur fav design of them all
5ee934100e2024-01-11 12:13:10
@Demon KidsAh ive made a mistake; the cinamoroll franchise?
5ee934100e2024-01-11 12:12:35
@Demon Kidsthe sanrio things?? Yea i have,its very cool
Demon Kids2024-01-11 11:44:29
@5ee934100eyea, anyways did ya check out the designs i made?
5ee934100e2024-01-11 11:27:02
@Demon Kidsi mean if you say so,,,ill try to avoid him in the future
Demon Kids2024-01-11 00:07:14
@5ee934100ena, he wasn\'t a good person overall
5ee934100e2024-01-10 17:39:26
@Demon KidsMay i atleast ask if he/she is a good person?---
Demon Kids2024-01-09 23:59:33