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My Hero Academia -Izuku M. (Casual) Requested by: “Deku boy” *I would like to make an anime or your OC character, soo please comment their names below*
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eliaden10012021-01-09 01:30:04
@linkvevesom one did deku
eliaden10012021-01-09 01:29:49
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@Lixandru Alin Marius MihaiHello again, Lixan!! (^o^)
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@Lixandru Alin Marius MihaiHey!! (^-^)
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@linkveveHi Mr Linkveve, I\'m a new user, can you tell me about the user kooool and Xenron
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@XI_DEMONThank you!!
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@linkvevewow this is cool
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@勇者阿朗710Thanks, bro!!
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@FIRE BLADEThank you!!
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