linkveve2020-10-19 11:34:03
Nanatsu no Taizai -Meliodas (Demon) Requested by: “kooool” *I would like to make an anime or your OC character, soo please comment their names below*
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Naruto boiiii2021-01-09 15:18:13
@linkveveplease do Ban
linkveve2020-12-14 01:06:21
@fayazpurnoOk, let me see what I can do
fayazpurno2020-12-10 07:27:44
@linkvevecan I see jiren
linkveve2020-12-07 05:58:44
@fayazpurnoYeah, about that. I did it, but it looked horrible 🤯
fayazpurno2020-12-07 00:38:01
@linkvevewhere is jiren
linkveve2020-11-24 02:33:43
@fayazpurnoI ‘ll do my best to make Jiren (^-^)
linkveve2020-11-24 02:33:26
@fayazpurnoTo make someone buff is impossible, that is a shirt actually. And you get them on those chests
fayazpurno2020-11-24 01:22:10
@linkvevecany you make jiren
fayazpurno2020-11-24 01:21:10
@linkveveplease tell me how to make someone buffed without any shirt
Bunda Samosir2020-11-19 16:06:30
@linkvevesate sate sate
Janjaylo Mullon2020-11-10 12:34:32
@linkveveAko sir pain po
AqukingUwU2020-11-09 13:46:20
@linkvevesate sate sate
MzxrChaosYT2020-11-03 23:14:31
@linkveveEy Can You Do Naruto Shipuden
linkveve2020-10-29 10:52:23
@Emerson lardinoI’m glad you like it!!
linkveve2020-10-29 10:50:25
@Galaxy- ProThanks, bro!!